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Pick and place speed: from 1000 to 2000 components per hour.
Maximum PCB dimensions: 300x595mm.

Opical linear encoders on X, Y and Z axes.

The positioning repeatability of the machine's head in X and Y is 20 microns through the use of linear encoders.
Minimal and maximal treated component – 0201 (0,6х0,3mm) and QFP256 (pin step 0,4mm, size 30х30mm).
Maximum component height the machine can carry one over the other (PCB height less than 2mm): 13mm.
The vacuum sensor monitors if a component was picked by the head.


Feeder count in default configuration:

  • Feeder set 1 (near to operator): 8mm tape feeders - 42pcs.

  • Feeder set 2 (far from operator): 8mm tape feeders - 21pcs, 16/12/8mm tape feeders - 14pcs (combined).

  • Two 24mm tape feeders. Can be installed on feeder set 1 or feeder set 2.

  • 32mm and 44mm tape feeders can be made by request.

  • Vibration feeder for sticks -1 piece (up to 15 sticks with SO-8).

  • Tray and tape cut feeder holders - 3pcs.

  • Bulk feeders (flat areas) – 6pcs.

Machine is equipped with two computer vision cameras. One - for fiducial searching, pick point setting, PCB scanning for project preview and optical inspection. Other - for picked component centering.
Machine is equipped with six automatically replacable Juki nozzles with inner nozzle diameter from 0.4mm to 5mm. For 0201 sized components machine can be equipped with 501 Juki nozzle with 0.25mm inner diameter. For cylindrical-shaped components machine can be equipped with special 511 Juki nozzle.

Machine can handle with panels where PCBs rotated as multiple of 90 degrees.
Two-sided PCB asseblies are supported.

The software is Linux-based. Assembly programming process is WYSIWYG-styled. An operator
can drag a component from "feeder" by mouse and drop it on to "PCB". No need to work with "pick-and-pace" files, although they are supported.


Камера корректировки компонентов
Автоматически сменные насадки JUKI

Сontents of delivery:

  1. Pick and Place machine.

  2. Full set of feeders (as described above).

  3. Vacuum compressor (no need in compressed air line).

  4. Fully customized and ready for work personal computer.

  5. Spare parts set (full set of timing belts, tape film extenders, tweezers, silicone grease, etc.).

For operation, machine must be placed on a rigid iron frame. The frame must have a space into which the spent tape will fall. The frame must have sufficient rigidity so that the machine does not "shake" under the influence of his own accelerations. The frame-table (a frame combined with the operator's workplace) can be ordered from us, or made independently according to our drawing.

Планировка рабочего места 4.png
feeder set 2
feeder set 1
power and ground
service area

The figure shows the required dimensions of the workplace for the machine.

For convenient storage of feeder sets, as well as for the convenience of charging feeders during project preparation (while the machine is busy with another project), a rack for feeder sets can be purchased. Feeder sets can be placed both on one side or on different sides. The rack on wheels (with stoppers) - it is easy to transport to another place.


It is most convenient to collect the used tape in a pallet, which can be purchased from us or made by yourself.

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